construction progress of the twin-engine simulator


videos regarding the construction

I will be posting links to videos regarding the construction of the sim

#1 - analog instruments

I decided to try to convert old analog instruments to work with the sim. I posted a video with some of my ideas and how I took apart some of the instruments I want to use. Click the button below to see it.

#2 - a few concepts behind the sim project

Looking at the different aspects of building a home-based simulator. The irony being that a lot of real flight schools in the US and Canada use the same principals, even the same software I use :)

#3 - First tests with real instrument interfacing with the simulator

I took a real instrument I had previously modified to work with the simulator. I connected it via the electronic board to the sim to show the movements of the attitude indicator values.

#4 - the little tour of the plane

This is the plane I am converting into a simulator. It is an old Beechcraft B95 Travel Air