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Realistic flight simulation

Our flight simulator is built from a real airplane frame. You will sit in a real plane with realistic flight instruments and very accurate flight dynamics and 120 degrees  of scenery view. Learn to fly an accurately simulated plane.

Familiarization flights

Will give you a good introduction on how to fly the plane. It is an educational and entertaining experience. Basic instructions for maneuvering a plane will be provided. Experience a relaxing virtual flight anywhere in the world.

Can$30 for 30 minutes flights, basic instructions included

Educational experience

The simulator cockpit includes realistic instrumentation (Garmin 1000) and the flight dynamics are highly accurate. Setup flight plans and procedures using real life published SID's and STAR's. Or, just practice approaches and take offs, VFR or IFR scenarios.

Pricing based on required engagement, starting at Can$50 per hour

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